Corporate Officers

NORMA GILPIN Vice-President

Ms. Gilpin is the Vice-President and Secretary of Amitel Incorporated and a member of the board of directors. She has served in this capacity since 1995 and also operated a music studio for many years. Ms. Gilpin graduated from George Washington University.


Ms. Green is the Vice-President of Amitel Incorporated and a member of the board of directors. She has served in this capacity since 1995. Ms. Green also has trained and raced horses.

RICHARD GREEN President and Treasurer

Mr. Green is the President and Treasurer of Amitel Incorporated and a member of the board of directors. He has devoted his life to the hospitality and real estate industries and has over 40 years of experience in buying and selling real estate, operating hotels and apartments, and managing properties. Mr. Green attended Lehigh University.

CAROLE NEWMAN Vice-President

Ms. Newman is the Vice-President of Amitel Incorporated and a member of the board of directors. She has worked for over 20 years in the real estate industry and was the General Manager of Inn of Rosslyn and Williamsburg Apartments. Before that, she worked as an entomologist. Ms. Newman received a B.S. from University of Florida.


Ms. Wolfe is the Vice-President of Amitel Incorporated and a member of the board of directors. She worked as a Realtor for many years and was General Manager of Americana Hotel from 1999 to 2006. Ms. Wolfe attended St. Andrews University.

Senior Management

MELINDA GREEN Director of Operations


Ms. Green is the Director of Operations for Amitel Incorporated. Since starting part-time with the company in 2003 and transitioning to full-time in 2006, she has worked as Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Payable Manager, Payroll Manager, Assistant Manager, and Director of Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management of Amitel Incorporated as well as General Manager of Americana Hotel and Fern Gardens Apartments. In her current role as Director of Operations, she oversees the daily business needs of Amitel Incorporated including negotiations, contracts, budgeting, purchasing, property maintenance, property leasing, property sales, and the payroll and related human resources needs for the 40-employee organization, all with the goal of ensuring the smooth functioning and profitability of the organization.


Ms. Green has worked to maximize income while limiting expenses, and during her tenure, has played a key role in nearly doubling revenue at Fern Gardens Apartments from $238k to $425K, tripling revenue from $1.1M to $3.3M at Americana Hotel, and helping Amitel see record-breaking profits. Since 2006, she has launched ten (10) new websites for the management company and its properties, taking an active role in each project with marketing partner Vizergy to create a vision, offer design input, provide content, write copy, and perform quality control. She has also created and maintained social media and reputation management accounts for Amitel, Americana Hotel, Inn of Rosslyn, and Fern Gardens Apartments on sites including Google, Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, and LinkedIn. Ms. Green’s other accomplishments include overhauling the technology at Americana Hotel with a new computer network, an upgraded property management system with GDS/OTA connectivity, a new phone system, a new wi-fi network, and a two-way interfaced website booking engine; capital improvements at Fern Gardens Apartments including updated rental units and energy efficient windows and garage doors; and a two-way interfaced website booking engine at Inn of Rosslyn.  As General Manager of Americana Hotel, she negotiated and contracted the location agreement for the filming of Universal Studios's feature film State of Play at the property in 2008 and acted as liaison to the production company for the entire 6-month project.


Most recently, Ms. Green spearheaded a three year long process to develop and implement a new strategic direction for Amitel Incorporated that resulted in it being chosen to handle the divestiture of some of its managed assets for the underlying property owners. To accomplish that goal, she has been integral in the selection of business consultants, legal teams, and brokerage teams, the review and adoption of dozens of legal documents, the proper positioning and marketing of the subject properties, the creation and polishing of four extensive commercial property offering memoranda and associated due diligence sites, liaising a multiple round bidding process, reviewing dozens of Letters of Intent (LOI), selecting the winning bidders, negotiating the final LOIs, coordinating the comprehensive due diligence investigations of the purchasers, and reviewing, revising, adopting, and executing hundreds of pages of purchase and sale agreements.


Ms. Green graduated with an A.B. in Political Science from Rollins College and earned an M.B.A. with concentrations in Management and International Business from The Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College.


MARIANNE HALE Accounts Receivable and Payable Manager


Ms. Hale is the Accounts Receivable and Payable Manager. She is responsible for collecting and depositing all receipts, managing payment processing, preparing reports, and keeping AR and AP records for the $5mm company. Since joining Amitel Incorporated in 2008, she has also worked as a Front Desk Clerk and Front Desk Manager for Americana Hotel, a leasing agent for Fern Gardens Apartments, and General Manager for Americana Hotel and Fern Gardens Apartments. 


From 2011 through 2020, Ms. Hale led the day-to-day operations at Americana Hotel and Fern Gardens Apartments, overseeing the front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, and sales/leasing departments. She has also been the project manager for multiple capital improvement, delayed maintenance, and property renovation initiatives including updating the lobby, wrapping the shuttle vans, replacing the roof, modernizing the elevators, and renovating the rooms at Americana Hotel as well as paving a new parking lot, installing a new commercial chiller, repiping the entire property's hydronic HVAC system and installing new convectors, and continuing the unit renovations at Fern Gardens Apartments. Other accomplishments include building a vast portfolio of professional imagery for various properties, standardizing the property management system across Amitel properties by converting Inn of Rosslyn to InnQuest’s roomMaster Cloud PMS, and building awareness of and goodwill towards Amitel properties in the local community. 


During Ms. Hale’s tenure, Amitel's properties nearly doubled their revenue and set numerous records in everything from occupancy and rates to parking sales and review ratings. Her dedication and staff management helped Americana Hotel secure six (6) prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awards as well as consistently high ratings on Google, Booking, and Expedia.


Recently, Ms. Hale has worked extensively in facilitating the listing and sale of four commercial properties and two residential properties under management, the winding down of hotel and apartment operations that spanned almost 65 years, and the dissolution of several corporations, all with the purpose of implementing the new strategic direction of Amitel Incorporated.


Ms. Hale graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science from University of Florida.