In The Beginning

Amitel might have incorporated in 1991, but we have a much longer history. Through various companies and endeavors, we have roots dating back to the 1950s when we started operating motels in Northern Virginia.

After a bumpy start with mixed results, we finally found success with the Ainsworth Motel in Arlington, Virginia in the mid-1950s after which we built and opened Motel 50 in 1957, purchased and started operating Williamsburg Apartments across the street in 1958, built and opened Americana Hotel in 1963, and purchased and started operating Fern Gardens Apartments down the street in 1980. We also purchased and managed dozens of other lots, houses, condos, and commercial spaces in Florida, Virginia, New York, and Texas. Since the Ainsworth Motel days, Amitel Incorporated, in one form or another, has been present in the buying, selling, and building of numerous assets in the Washington, D.C. area and throughout the United States.

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St. Petersburg, Florida Firm Property Management Since 1991

Today, we have approximately 40 outstanding employees managing our various properties and generating ever-increasing profits.

Our staff’s dedication has allowed us to stay in business for more than sixty years as a small property management firm. We are proud to say this also makes us very attentive, helpful, and personal in our approach, and dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers.

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Corporate Partnerships Specialized in Vendor Relationships

As a property management firm, we remain dedicated to mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors. Throughout our tenure in the community, we have worked with large and small companies, including Alsco, Bank of America, Bankers Insurance, Cintas, DirecTV, Mid-Atlantic Coca-Cola, InnQuest Software, TripTease, and Vizergy.